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How’s Your Norwegian?

Wonderful Article in Norway on Avalanche!   Avalanche Use In Norway.

Thanks Retailers

Having Avalanche products available at local retailers is important to Avalanche. We’ve added more than 200 hardware retail locations over the last year and working to expand even more in the next year. Now available at more than 1500 Retailers in the US and Canada including: Ace, Do It Best, Hardware Hank, Home Hardware, Northern […]

Free Knit Hat

Thanksgiving weekend only. Keep warm in Avalanche style!  Free knit hat with every order over $25.00

No Tools Assembly

See how easy it is to assemble rugged Avalanche products.  

Avalanche Use Video

Avalanche features and models video. Click here to watch.

Love It! – Rick B., Wausau WI

Like so many we bought a new house and had a big snow winter that required taking some of the snow off after a couple of months. Having used regular roof rakes and pulling muscles and not being very effective overall we found the Avalanche in our local store and took a chance. BEST CHANCE […]

New York Snow Belt – Pat, NY

I bought my Avalanche 15 years ago and I’ve told everyone in New York State’s Snow Belt east of Lake Ontario to get on board. I replaced the original wooden handles with the aluminum a few years ago. That saved my back. I give demonstrations for casual friends, and I’ve bought two for best friends. […]

Frank’s Snow Fix – Saranac Lake, NY

Our friend Frank from Saranac Lake only sent a link.  We’re not sure, but think he’s an Avalance fan. Great video example of Avalanche’s strength. Frank’s Avalanche Demonstration Video. Anybody speak German?   🙂 Big Thanks to Frank for his wonderful video!

Avalanche in Japan

Avalanche was recently featured in a Japanese TV Show.  Fun show asks participants what they think various products are used for and they guess at it’s use. Thanks to our Japanese friends for sharing this. ありがとうございました Watch the clip here: Avalanche Japanese TV Footage Clip

Storm Ursula & Thanks

Storm Ursula reminds us Winter is not quite over in the North, but everyday brings more Spring like weather. With the busy season for 2016 coming to an end, Avalanche thanks our customers, distributors and retailers. We hope our products make your winters a little easier and safer.

Moves Snow Fast! – Chris N., Quincy, MA

I used the Avalanche for the first time today. It worked GREAT! I have a ranch so I needed the extensions and it becomes very heavy at the start of a run, but once you get it moving it really moves a lot of snow fast. Thanks again!

Effortless – Joe, Salem, NH

For years I have been snow racking and shoveling my roof. I would rake three feet up and would get an ice dam, then six feet another ice dam, I would go another three feet and finally would shovel my roof. Back braking work and very dangerous. I found out about Avalanche and figured I […]

Skeptical at First – Mike, Aspen, CO

I was skeptical that the Avalanche snow removal system would work as well as shown in the videos. It looked to good to be true. I originally saw a video last spring or summer, but it was not until massive ice dams formed and my new roof developed a leak that I finally ordered one. […]

Husband Down – Connie, Phoenix, NY

We have a raised ranch and this year I am forced to do the roof by myself. My husband had shoulder surgery so I decided to try your model 500. I am only 5’2″ so I used our 8′ ladder to stand on being very careful. Needless to say it took me 1 hour to […]

Clearing Snow Safely has back saving tips on safe snow removal. Visit: to learn more.

Cyber Monday Free Shipping

Cyber Monday 2015 Special.  Free domestic ground shipping. Coupon Code  “CYBER2015” Expires at midnight December 30. Happy Holidays! The Avalanche Team

Our Mission Statement

To provide safe and efficient ways to remove snow from your roof with superior products and excellent customer service.  

Ready for El Niño?

NOAA, Wikipedia and the Farmers Almanac all indicate we could be in for a 2015/2016 season of heavier than normal snow levels.  Be ready this season with an Avalanche on hand and avoid ice dams and sore backs with one great product.   Clear 4 to 8 feet of snow off the edges of your […]