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No Tools Assembly

See how easy it is to assemble rugged Avalanche products.  

Avalanche Video

Avalanche features and models video. Click here to watch.

Avalanche in Japan

Avalanche was recently featured in a Japanese TV Show.  Fun show asks participants what they think various products are used for and they guess at it’s use. Thanks to our Japanese friends for sharing this. ありがとうございました Watch the clip here: Avalanche Japanese TV Footage Clip

Clearing Snow Safely

Our friends at have a great article with back saving tips on safe snow removal. When done incorrectly, snow-clearing can injure your body and damage your vehicle and even the hardscaping around your home. Find out the best way to clear snow quickly and efficiently. Visit: to learn more.

Mission Statement

The Avalanche Team sat down this week and created our team mission statement. AVALANCHE MISSION STATEMENT Avalanche provides a safe and efficient way to remove snow from your roof, which prevents costly repairs while saving time and strain on your body.  Our team is committed to providing a superior product along with excellent customer service.  

Avalanche Original On Facebook

We’d appreciate learning about your experience with Avalanche.  If you have a photo or video to share we’ll be happy to post it.  Visit Avalanche on Facebook here.