SnowRake! Deluxe 20


Great Price and Features

  • Durable 24″ Wide Plastic Head
  • Built-in Wheels Help Protect Roof
  • Lightweight Aluminum Handle, 20' in 5 sections
  • Snap Couplers for Easy Assembly
  • Wall Mount Storage Bracket Included
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Great Price and Features

  • 24″ wide durable plastic head
  • Built-in wheels to help prevent shingle damage
  • 20′ handle in five – 4′ sections
  • Snap-on couplers
  • Convenient storage bracket, and vinyl grip
  • Weight of product: 7 lbs.
  • SnowRake Manual

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs


  1. “The Avalanche is the BEST new “outdoor toy” I have purchased in quite some time. With 18″ of snow on my roof and ice dams causing water to drip in through the ceiling and light fixture in my home office, I got to work as soon as it arrived. It only took 30 minutes to clear my entire roof. I’m not tall enough, young enough or strong enough to remove snow with a traditional roof rake. This was fun! (As fun as this type of work can be) And it was easy! The Avalanche then made the rounds of my neighbors roofs. I am sure you will be receiving another order from me in the near future for my northern cottage.“

    Jerry, Green Bay, WI

  2. “If only you had an Avalanche product for my driveway!“
    Sue, Syracuse, NY

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