• SnowRake! Deluxe 20


    Great Price and Features
    High quality Snowrake at a great price.  Avalanche’s snowrake helps you prevent ice dams by keeping snow off the edges of your roof.  Keeping 4 to 5 feet of your roof edge clear of snow helps prevent icedams.  Wheels built into snowrake head help prevent roof damage.  Can be used with shingles, architectrual asphault, shake, tile, metal and solar roofs.

    • 24″ Wide Head
    • 20′ Handle in 5 sections
    • Durable Plastic Design
    • Built-in Wheels Help Protect Roof
    • Lightweight Aluminum Handle
    • Easy Assembly – Snap Together Couplers
    • Storage Bracket for Wall Mount Storage

  • Avalanche! Original 750


    • New for Fall 2020!  Model 750 Includes Heavy Duty Slide Material.
      Cut & Tear Resistant – Vinyl Coated Polyester Slide
    • For Tile, Shake, Metal & Solar Roofs – 3″ Wheels
    • Easy Snap Together Assembly (No Tools Needed)
    • Heavy Duty 17″ x 12′ Slide
    • Lightweight Fiberglass Handle in 4 Sections (16′ reach)
    • Snap Coupler System for Easy Handle Storage
    • Avalanche Easy Assembly Video
    • Avalanche In Action Video

    New for 2020 the Avalanche model 750 includes our Heavy Duty Slide.  Heavy duty slide resists tears and cutting on metal roofs.  The Avalanche makes much easier work of removing snow from most roofs. Removes up to a ton of snow per minute.

    **  Avalanche 750 model with 3″ wheels was designed for metal, cedar shake, tile & solar panel roof designs.

  • Avalanche! Original 500

    For Standard Asphalt Shingled Roofs -1.5″ Wheels

    The Avalanche makes much easier work of removing snow from most roofs.
    Removes up to a ton of snow per minute.

    ** Avalanche 500 model with 1.5″ wheels designed for most Asphalt shingled roofs.

Avalanche! Updates

  • Big Snow Ahead

    Be prepared this winter!  Snow this season looks like another potential record breaker.  Avalanche is the highest quality product, made in the USA and makes roof snow removal easy.  Some even say Avalanche is fun to use.

  • Thanks Retailers

    We’ve added more than 200 retail locations over the last year and working to expand even more in the next year. Now available at more than 1500 Retailers: Ace, Do It Best, Hardware Hank, Home Hardware, Northern Tool, Orgill, Runnings, True Value & United Hardware.

  • No Tools Assembly

    See how easy it is to assemble rugged Avalanche products.  

  • Avalanche Use Video

    Avalanche features and models video. Click here to watch.

  • Avalanche On Facebook

    We’d appreciate learning about your experience with Avalanche.  If you have a photo or video to share we’ll be happy to post it.  Visit Avalanche on Facebook here.