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Truck Snow Removal is a Growing Topic

Truck and trailer snow and ice removal is a hot topic and a growing discussion every year.  Legislation for removing snow and ice is being created in Pennsylvania around the US. Snow Removal Laws by State Reference – State by State resource from the American Trucking Association updated in fall of 2014. The BigRigRake (BRR) is a cost […]

Other Uses – Steve, Maple Lake, MN

I love this product!! not only do I use my Deluxe 20 on my roof I also found that it’s great for cleaning out under my fish house after I drill my holes to clean up all the mess underneath so my house sits nice and flat. I also use it in my corn crib […]

“Bravo Zulu” – Roger – Sault St. Marie, MI

Your slide has performed superbly this snow season in Sault Ste. > Marie, MI. Our annual snowfall is approximately +120″ (10 feet). This > year we will top that amount before next week ends. To think we have 3 > months left of winter to go and I imagine our total snowfall season > will […]

THE BEST! Tim – Edina, MN

Best snow removal product available anywhere! Great Products, Great Company, Great Customer Service.

Monster Product ~ Don – Larkspur, CO

The Avalanche 500 is a MONSTER. Finally a roof rake that you can use from the ground that works. And the plastic slide is THE BEST! Now I want the Avalanche 750. With its 3″ wheels, it will be even BETTER (if that’s possible)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glen – Grayslake, IL

We had a huge ice dam last year and ended up with water seepage in the house. Thankfully, insurance paid for it, but the repair disrupted us for weeks, including many days of multiple blowers running in our house on two floors – way too much noise. Anyway, I picked up a standard roof rake […]

Robert – Grand Rapids, MI

We purchased the Snow Rake Deluxe about 5 years ago & it works great. After 3 feet of snow in November, I called Avalanche and the lady on the phone was very helpful. She answered all of my questions about the Avalanche. I ordered the Avalanche Combo package. Friday we had another 2 feet of […]

Jerry – Grandhaven, MI

Last year we had ice dams due to an unusually brutal winter in Michigan causing me to research snow removal techniques which led me to your website.. I had to pay to have the snow shoveled off the roof and for the price I was charged for this service I could have bought four avalanches. […]

Dick – Shiloh, OH

I bought the Avalanche roof snow remover, It does everything it shows in the video. I’m very pleased with it, to be any easier you would have to pay someone to shovel it for you. I made one change on it, I used 4″ duct tape on the 12’X16″ bottom of the slide to make […]

Tim -MN

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Glenn – Illinois

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Dick – Shiloh

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