I am delighted with the Avalanche snow removal tool. I just used the Original 500 for the first time and posted this on my Facebook page along with a link to your website:

Anyone living in snow country, listen up!
This tool is the absolute, utterly coolest invention. It works exactly as shown on the website. With a heavy, wet snow it’s a bit messy but it’s at least a gazillion times easier to use than the standard roof rake, takes half the time or less, and is easier on the shingles as well. I have a two-story house and was able to easily clear 3-4 feet up from the gutter, which is all that’s needed to prevent most ice dams.
And no, I am not being paid for this endorsement. I’m just delighted with it.
(And using the cheapest shipping method I got it the second day after I ordered it.)