Roof Snow Removal Passion

We are passionate about roof snow removal.  For more than 20 years we’ve been helping customers
manage roof snow issues.  Knowing we have great products makes us feel we’re doing something helpful for customers.
We often hear from customers excited about Avalanche Original’s effectiveness.  We’re proud to sell a product invented and made in the USA.

Thank you to all of our customers, friends and distributors.
Linda & Chris Robasse ~ Avalanche Partners  – Maple Lake, Minnesota

Mission Statement

Avalanche is committed to producing efficient and safe roof snow removal products.
Our focus is excellent customer service, superior products & quality relationships.


Two Wheel Sizes

Avalanche Original is the only product on the market to offer two wheel sizes.  If you have standard asphalt shingle roof, you want 1.5 inch wheels (Model 500). The 3 inch wheels (Model 750) are for tile, shake, thick shingle, metal roofsor solar panels. Having the correct wheels allows the Avalanche cutting head axel to reach the correct depth for your roof.


Snow Slide Inventor

The Avalanche with cutting head, wheels and snowslide was invented and sold in hardware stores in 1977.  Since then we’ve made many improvements. It’s now lighter weight and more effective than ever before. (Read Avalanche Story Here)

Why Remove Roof Snow? 

Removing roof snow is necessary to keep ice dams from forming and to prevent structural weight problems for a home or any structure.  Ice dams can cause damage to roof shingles. Removing snow down to the shingle with each snowfall is important to prevent ice dams from forming. For deep and heavy snow, the Avalanche is perfect and popular in high snowfall areas because it allows deep snow to be removed from roofs quickly and safely.


Easy To Use ~ Removes up to a ton of snow per minute

To remove snow, place the Avalanche roof rake head on the bottom edge of your roof.  Roll the Avalanche up and snow easily slides off the roof. The Avalanche is fun and satisfying to us; it’s been known to make neighbors jealous.  A lightweight handle and cutting head allow Avalanche to remove up to a ton of snow a minute. It’s designed for users of all ages and perfect for elderly due to less strain than a roof rake. Not only is Avalanche Original easy to use, but also requires no tools to assemble!