The Avalanche Story

Avalanche was invented in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1977.   The goal was for a better tool to remove snow from a roof than the traditional roof rake. 

The concept was a “snow slide” that used gravity to allow roof snow to slide off the roof rather than having to “pull” snow off a roof.  This would eliminate the hard work of snow removal, but the challenge was, how to protect roof shingles.  The solution was a cutting head that used wheels to elevate the head just enough to keep the cutting head above the shingles.  This allowed snow to be removed down to the shingle. The Avalanche Original was born.

This was the start of a company devoted to roof snow removal products and innovation for more than 40 years. Avalanche started selling in Minnesota hardware stores for the first time in 1977. 

Today’s Avalanche Original has many improvements from the 1977 model and is designed to be even more effective and lighter weight.  

Avalanche Inc. is based in Maple Lake, Minnesota where they manufacture and distribute.  The owner team, Linda and Chris Robasse, strive to provide the highest quailty product and customer service.