Why Avalanche?

Why is Avalanche a better solution for keeping your roof clear from snow and damaging ice dams? Two reasons, Easy to use and it’s more effective.

1) Easier to use than conventional roof rakes

Removing snow from roofs is back and arm breaking work. Anyone who has used a roof rake knows how painful it can be to clear snow off a roof. Remember times when you had to take a break 5 to 10 times on one roof just to let your arms rest. Sure it’s great upper body work, but stick to gym. With Avalanche you simply roll the cutter head up on your roof and the snow comes cascading down. It’s about 10% of the effort of pulling heavy snow down.

2) More effective than conventional roof rakes

Have you seen the Avalanche in action? It’s simply fun to watch. The cutter head and wheel design with a plastic slide easily allow you to remove up to one ton of snow per minute. The small wheels keep the head at just the right height to allow snow to come cascading down in blocks, but not damage your roof shingles. If you have tiles, thicker shingles or a steel roof you might want to try the Avalanche 750 with the larger wheels.
Because Avalanche is more effective you’ll have more time for other outdoor winter adventures like hanging those Christmas lights!