Roof Snow Problem Solved!
I am very impressed with your product. I had some 18 inches of snow on the roof, and the weather turned warm, with rain and drizzle to follow, and it was a must to get that snow off now, before the moisture increased the weight of what was up there. I went to my local Ace hardware store and picked up the Avalanche Original. I am female, 5 ft 7, 140 lbs, and knew I could not physically handle a standard roof rake and pull all that heavy snow off. This worked G-R-E-A-T …and it is fun to use, really. I did both the house and garage in record time, easy for a first time user. I had no problems using it… the neighbors were watching… and I’m sure I will be the talk of the neighborhood this week….. and every time I pull out this new snow toy.

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