Your slide has performed superbly this snow season in Sault Ste.
> Marie, MI. Our annual snowfall is approximately +120″ (10 feet). This
> year we will top that amount before next week ends. To think we have 3
> months left of winter to go and I imagine our total snowfall season
> will exceed 12′ and probably more. We set a new all-time November
> snowfall record of
> +65″ and that goes all the way back to the first recorded snowfall in 1888.
> I am a 61 year old disabled veteran and even I can handle your system
> and make it work for me. The wife is extremely pleased too. I now stay
> on the ground using the Avalanche system as opposed to taking repeated
> trips to the roof with a shovel in hand via the ladder. Thanks again
> for such a remarkable tool to ease the burden of Northern Michigan’s
> capricious winters. Keep up the good work! As we used to say in the
> military….”Bravo Zulu”….”Job Well Done”…..Avalanche!!
> Again…Many Thanks!