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Big Snow Ahead

Be prepared this winter!  Snow this season looks like another potential record breaker.  Avalanche is the highest quality product, made in the USA and makes roof snow removal easy.  Some even say Avalanche is fun to use.

How’s Your Norwegian?

Wonderful Article in Norway on Avalanche!   Avalanche Use In Norway.

Thanks Retailers

We’ve added more than 200 retail locations over the last year and working to expand even more in the next year. Now available at more than 1500 Retailers: Ace, Do It Best, Hardware Hank, Home Hardware, Northern Tool, Orgill, Runnings, True Value & United Hardware.

No Tools Assembly

See how easy it is to assemble rugged Avalanche products.  

Avalanche Use Video

Avalanche features and models video. Click here to watch.

Avalanche in Japan

Avalanche was recently featured in a Japanese TV Show.  Fun show asks participants what they think various products are used for and they guess at it’s use. Thanks to our Japanese friends for sharing this. ありがとうございました Watch the clip here: Avalanche Japanese TV Footage Clip

Storm Ursula & Thanks

Storm Ursula reminds us Winter is not quite over in the North, but everyday brings more Spring like weather. With the busy season for 2016 coming to an end, Avalanche thanks our customers, distributors and retailers. We hope our products make your winters a little easier and safer.

Clearing Snow Safely has back saving tips on safe snow removal. Visit: to learn more.

Our Mission Statement

To provide safe and efficient ways to remove snow from your roof with superior products and excellent customer service.  

Ready for El Niño?

NOAA, Wikipedia and the Farmers Almanac all indicate we could be in for a 2015/2016 season of heavier than normal snow levels.  Be ready this season with an Avalanche on hand and avoid ice dams and sore backs with one great product.   Clear 4 to 8 feet of snow off the edges of your […]

Back in Snow Business

We have a full inventory once again.  It’s July 15th and most of us are enjoying summer and not thinking about snow, but many forward thinking folks are ordering ahead of season. Pallets of handles ready for assembly.  We have a handle on 2015 inventory.

Empty Warehouse – February 25, 2015

  Big thanks to our customers for an amazing season.  Watch the website for restocking news.

Avalanche On Facebook

We’d appreciate learning about your experience with Avalanche.  If you have a photo or video to share we’ll be happy to post it.  Visit Avalanche on Facebook here.  

Truck Snow Removal is a Growing Topic

Truck and trailer snow and ice removal is a hot topic and a growing discussion every year.  Legislation for removing snow and ice is being created in Pennsylvania around the US. Snow Removal Laws by State Reference – State by State resource from the American Trucking Association updated in fall of 2014. The BigRigRake (BRR) is a cost […]

Why Avalanche?

Why Avalanche? Why is Avalanche a better solution for keeping your roof clear from snow and damaging ice dams? Two reasons, Easy to use and it’s more effective. 1) Easier to use than conventional roof rakes Removing snow from roofs is back and arm breaking work. Anyone who has used a roof rake knows how […]

Warehouse Ready for Winter Shipping – October 25, 2014

We’ve been stocking up in the summers for busy Avalanche sales in the winter for as long as we can remember. This year is no different with inventory is at max capacity with over 60,000 Avalanche 500s, 750s and Snowrakes ready to go.

Avalanche Blaze

Meet our Avalanche warehouse mascot Blaze! As a lab retriever and Blaze plans to spend a lot of time in the field when he’s not shipping Avalanches. He does not like spending too much time at home shoveling snow and clearing roofs. Blaze already understands Avalanche’s simple approach of Customer Service and Product Quality. Blaze […]