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Love It! – Rick B., Wausau WI

Like so many we bought a new house and had a big snow winter that required taking some of the snow off after a couple of months. Having used regular roof rakes and pulling muscles and not being very effective overall we found the Avalanche in our local store and took a chance. BEST CHANCE […]

New York Snow Belt – Pat, NY

I bought my Avalanche 15 years ago and I’ve told everyone in New York State’s Snow Belt east of Lake Ontario to get on board. I replaced the original wooden handles with the aluminum a few years ago. That saved my back. I give demonstrations for casual friends, and I’ve bought two for best friends. […]

Frank’s Snow Fix – Saranac Lake, NY

Our friend Frank from Saranac Lake only sent a link.  We’re not sure, but think he’s an Avalance fan. Great video example of Avalanche’s strength. Frank’s Avalanche Demonstration Video. Anybody speak German?   🙂 Big Thanks to Frank for his wonderful video!

Moves Snow Fast! – Chris N., Quincy, MA

I used the Avalanche for the first time today. It worked GREAT! I have a ranch so I needed the extensions and it becomes very heavy at the start of a run, but once you get it moving it really moves a lot of snow fast. Thanks again!

Effortless – Joe, Salem, NH

For years I have been snow racking and shoveling my roof. I would rake three feet up and would get an ice dam, then six feet another ice dam, I would go another three feet and finally would shovel my roof. Back braking work and very dangerous. I found out about Avalanche and figured I […]

Skeptical at First – Mike, Aspen, CO

I was skeptical that the Avalanche snow removal system would work as well as shown in the videos. It looked to good to be true. I originally saw a video last spring or summer, but it was not until massive ice dams formed and my new roof developed a leak that I finally ordered one. […]

Husband Down – Connie, Phoenix, NY

We have a raised ranch and this year I am forced to do the roof by myself. My husband had shoulder surgery so I decided to try your model 500. I am only 5’2″ so I used our 8′ ladder to stand on being very careful. Needless to say it took me 1 hour to […]

Winter in New England – Kim, NH

Last winter I went looking for something to help cut down the time and energy I spent clearing the roof of the built up snow, and I found this company. I did a few review searches and decided that this could be the solution to my problem. What would take me 2-3 hours to clear […]

Snow Country – David, WI

I am delighted with the Avalanche snow removal tool. I just used the Original 500 for the first time and posted this on my Facebook page along with a link to your website: Anyone living in snow country, listen up! This tool is the absolute, utterly coolest invention. It works exactly as shown on the […]

Other Uses – Steve, Maple Lake, MN

I love this product!! not only do I use my Deluxe 20 on my roof I also found that it’s great for cleaning out under my fish house after I drill my holes to clean up all the mess underneath so my house sits nice and flat. I also use it in my corn crib […]

“Bravo Zulu” – Roger – Sault St. Marie, MI

Your slide has performed superbly this snow season in Sault Ste. > Marie, MI. Our annual snowfall is approximately +120″ (10 feet). This > year we will top that amount before next week ends. To think we have 3 > months left of winter to go and I imagine our total snowfall season > will […]

THE BEST! Tim – Edina, MN

Best snow removal product available anywhere! Great Products, Great Company, Great Customer Service.

Monster Product ~ Don – Larkspur, CO

The Avalanche 500 is a MONSTER. Finally a roof rake that you can use from the ground that works. And the plastic slide is THE BEST! Now I want the Avalanche 750. With its 3″ wheels, it will be even BETTER (if that’s possible)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glen – Grayslake, IL

We had a huge ice dam last year and ended up with water seepage in the house. Thankfully, insurance paid for it, but the repair disrupted us for weeks, including many days of multiple blowers running in our house on two floors – way too much noise. Anyway, I picked up a standard roof rake […]

Robert – Grand Rapids, MI

We purchased the Snow Rake Deluxe about 5 years ago & it works great. After 3 feet of snow in November, I called Avalanche and the lady on the phone was very helpful. She answered all of my questions about the Avalanche. I ordered the Avalanche Combo package. Friday we had another 2 feet of […]

Jerry – Grandhaven, MI

Last year we had ice dams due to an unusually brutal winter in Michigan causing me to research snow removal techniques which led me to your website.. I had to pay to have the snow shoveled off the roof and for the price I was charged for this service I could have bought four avalanches. […]

Dick – Shiloh, OH

I bought the Avalanche roof snow remover, It does everything it shows in the video. I’m very pleased with it, to be any easier you would have to pay someone to shovel it for you. I made one change on it, I used 4″ duct tape on the 12’X16″ bottom of the slide to make […]

Jerry, Green Bay, WI

“The Avalanche is the BEST new “outdoor toy” I have purchased in quite some time. With 18″ of snow on my roof and ice dams causing water to drip in through the ceiling and light fixture in my home office, I got to work as soon as it arrived. It only took 30 minutes to […]

Harlan, Duluth, MN

“I actually have fun using it! The old snow rake was literally painful to use. Now the snow slides off the roof like a freight train. Thanks Avalanche“

John, Kettering, OH

“I purchased the Avalanche in 1980. I’m now in my early 60’s and your product is the easiest method for fast snow removal. I simply slide it up my roof and the snow comes down like an Avalanche.“

Sue, Syracuse, NY

“If only you had an Avalanche product for my driveway!“

Darlene , Eagan, MN

“We purchased the Avalanche after hearing Al Malmberg’s endorsement on WCCO radio. My husband couldn’t believe he actually cleared the whole roof in less than half an hour, and from the ground!! We feel the time saved in the first usage more than paid for this new piece of equipment. Thanks for making the job […]

Mike, Marquette, MI

“I must admit, I was really skeptical when I ran into your web site last Summer, but I ordered one anyway. I had to wait a long time to try it, but now I’m a believer. It is so much easier than dragging snow down with a rake. I doubt if it takes a quarter […]

Bonnie, Marquette, MI

“Roof Snow Problem Solved! I am very impressed with your product. I had some 18 inches of snow on the roof, and the weather turned warm, with rain and drizzle to follow, and it was a must to get that snow off now, before the moisture increased the weight of what was up there. I […]


“My father in law had the system and was impressed so I bought my own.  I clear the garage onto my driveway. Fun to use but make sure you remove snow promptly from drive or the big pile gets hard and makes it harder to remove snow than from roof.  I am 73 and have to […]

Effingham, NH

“What a great invention!! Used the Avalanche 500 for the first time this afternoon. What a great invention. I’m ordering two more pole pieces so that I can easily reach all the way to the ridge line. The way the snow slides off I think I could do the whole roof in less than an […]

Charles, OH

“YOU GUYS HAVE A WINNER ON YOUR HANDS! Got my Avalanche last year about the end of a really bad winter In Cleveland,Forbes Magazine has rated Cleveland as The #1 City in the Country For the worst Average snowfall,as a mailman I witness Customers using snow rakes all kinds of them, so I decided to […]

Ray & Karen

“WE ABSOLUTELY L0VE IT!!! My husband has major back problems and has had three back surgeries over the years. He has had to stop doing many things that he has enjoyed with his independence. We were watching Cool Tools and saw thus product and decided to give it a try. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! This […]

Kevin, MD

“We have had a record breaking snow fall this winter here in Baltimore of over 50 inches just in the past 3 weeks. I was searching for something to get the snow that has been sitting on my roof for over 2 weeks. I do not get alot of quick melting because of the tree […]

Deborah, PA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great product, it arrived today and we used it tongiht to remove snow from our deck roof, porch roof and house. We already had ice dams from all the snow…we have had almost 4 feet of snow here in western PA. in the last few weeks! Wish […]