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Mark & Tammy, VA

“Let me begin by saying…congratulations to your company on hitting the mark for providing a truly effective snow removal roof rake! Blizzard of 2010 allowed us to really put your product to the test. Our first snowstorm for the winter was in December 2009 and we were removing snow from our barn and house roof […]


“The hip roof and 5/12 pitch on my house doesn’t shed snow readily. The pitch and shape seems to make the snow drift heavily to one side when the winds are high. Very little seems to blow off. At one point in 2010 I had a huge mountain of snow on my roof. I had […]

LM’s Wife from Big Falls, MN

“This product was very easy to assemble. It is lightweight which is important when reaching up to the roof of your house. It works great for light or heavy snow or fresh fallen snow. Do not try to remove snow that has become frozen (ice like) to the roof as you will damage or break […]

Matthew – Randolph, NJ

“I just purchased the Avalanche snow removal product (20 foot extension; rake w/ wheels). I was hesitant at first, but as soon as I used it tonight, I fell in love!! This product sliced thru the fresh 12+ inches of snow northern NJ just got today. What was I doing on my roof all these past […]