Got my Avalanche last year about the end of a really bad winter In Cleveland,Forbes Magazine has rated Cleveland as The #1 City in the Country For the worst Average snowfall,as a mailman I witness Customers using snow rakes all kinds of them, so I decided to go on the net and see what was a good product out there,I found Avalanche,so I purchased one just a little to late but said I’ll be ready for next winter.And sure enough this Product has been a God Send so far this winter,I got my Aunt to purchase one this year also and now my sister want house roof has stayed pretty clear so far this winter of huge snow piles thanks to the Avalanche,its easy to use and makes pulling snow off the roof kinda fun. I always neglect the garage but now I’m giving the garage attention also. thanks for this great product its well worth the price. YOU GUYS HAVE A WINNER ON YOUR HANDS and i have seen lots of other models but the Avalanche is SUPERIOR!

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