Ice Dams*

Ice Dams occur when temperatures drift between 10 and 30 degrees farenhiet.  Ice builds up on the edge of the roof, but snow will melt above the ice ridge and the water will collect and flow under the shingles and into the house, causing tea-colored stains on walls and ceilings and destroying wallboard, plaster and insulation.

Icicles, a key indicator ice dams may be present, are common on many homes in snowy climates.  Icicles hang in crystal rows and cluster at the corners of the roof. They can be a beautiful winter sight but they are dangerous to a home.

To determine if your roof has ice dams or is merely sporting innocent winter decoration look for a ridge of ice at the roof’s edge, or a bulging area under a layer of snow above the icicles. Those are ICE DAMS. You often have to remove the snow buildup to see the ice ridge.

The Good News

You don’t typcially need to remove all of the snow on your roof to avoid ice dams.  If you remove the lowest 5 to 8 feet from the roof edge this is usually enough to keep ice dams from forming.  The Avalanche Original is the perfect product to remove snow down to your shingle without scraping the shingle surface for effective ice dam prevention.  Scraping shingles causes wear on them.  Avalanche Original is the only snow removal tool with two sizes of wheels providing a custom depth to protect your roof.  The Avalanche 500 features 1.5″ wheels and the Avalanche 750 features 3″ wheels.

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