The hip roof and 5/12 pitch on my house doesn’t shed snow readily. The pitch and shape seems to make the snow drift heavily to one side when the winds are high. Very little seems to blow off. At one point in 2010 I had a huge mountain of snow on my roof. I had just bought the Avalanche snow tool and it was the first snow I used it on. With this tool I was able to get most of it off the roof which allowed the remaining snow near the ridge, which I could not reach, to quickly melt. I was amazed that I could get so much snow off the roof. As I expected the tool is sort of cumbersome with such a long fiberglass handle, so it takes some effort to move it. But the job was far easier than I expected. Once you move the device to a point where you want to start removing snow, pushing it up the roof is relatively easy, even when it is as deep as it was on my roof. I bought the one with the larger wheels, which I think helps. I really like this device and I can’t imagine anything better to get snow off of a roof safely and quickly

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