Like so many we bought a new house and had a big snow winter that required taking some of the snow off after a couple of months. Having used regular roof rakes and pulling muscles and not being very effective overall we found the Avalanche in our local store and took a chance. BEST CHANCE we have taken in many many years! This tool allows me to address my entire roof (large ranch) in less than an hour. Any sun after using allows the roof to melt to the shingles and keeps the roof and gutters free of any ice buildup. I don’t just use it when I ‘have to’ anymore- now I make it a regular part of my winter regiment and I think am extending the life of our roof as a result.
I’ve had mine about 15 years now and only a very heavy large snowfall last year and me overworking the unit- caused a crack in the handle. less than $10 a year- I’ll take that value compared to a 5-10K roof replacement every time! The frame and plastic is extremely durable and now that I see they have new handle kits- that just provides ultimate value in my view! I cannot recommend this product enough! Love it!