I bought my Avalanche 15 years ago and I’ve told everyone in New York State’s Snow Belt east of Lake Ontario to get on board. I replaced the original wooden handles with the aluminum a few years ago. That saved my back. I give demonstrations for casual friends, and I’ve bought two for best friends. I have an old Cape Cod house with a living room addition in front and a huge garage/laundry room addition on the side. The Cape is a high steep roof and the front addition is shallower with valleys where it connects. Needless to say, old style rakes can’t get up high enough and don’t do much in the valleys. Avalanche clears the entire house in two hours (four hours after a  30-inch snowfall). Simply put, it does the job.  Pat Corbett

My son Mike helping out. Thanks for a great product and a good dealer like Ace Hardware in Rome, NY.