I was skeptical that the Avalanche snow removal system would work as well as shown in the videos. It looked to good to be true. I originally saw a video last spring or summer, but it was not until massive ice dams formed and my new roof developed a leak that I finally ordered one. It was simple to assemble but also sturdy. It not only works, but works amazingly well, just like in the video as I cut through a season’s worth of snow buildup up to 2 feet deep and dropped it on the ground in just 15 minutes per 40 foot section of roof. The fiberglass handle with a large diameter is easier to use than a metal handle plus much warmer! Way quicker and safer than climbing up on the roof and risking falling not to mention a very sore back. Amazing that I live in snow country and I have never seen or heard of this product being used locally. We are having a heavy snow year so I am recommending that my local Ace Hardware begin to carry Avalanche products.

In order to remove snow beyond about 12 feet from the roof edge, I need a longer handle, which can be readily ordered via the web site. The Big Rake, using the fiberglass handle as part of combo kit, is well worth having to clean up any lingering snow. Incredible product!