Last winter I went looking for something to help cut down the time and energy I spent clearing the roof of the built up snow, and I found this company. I did a few review searches and decided that this could be the solution to my problem. What would take me 2-3 hours to clear one side of the roof, only took me 10 minutes. Last winter in New England was horrible and we just got slammed with back to back multi-foot snow storms, but this bad boy just handled them like a champ. It took me longer to gear up and get organized outside than it did to clear the roof. I tell everyone that I know and even run into about this product and GREAT customer service, even this morning, Saturday at 7:45 AM in my office, I showed a few of the guys walking around the building, this product and website, and I believe I just made some believers.

Went together quickly, with the wheels to help guide the unit up the roof, clearing the snow was done in just moments. No Ice Dams this year.